11 Reasons Why Eleven From Netflix’s Stranger Things Is Your Spirit Animal

11 Reasons Why Eleven From Netflix’s Stranger Things Is Your Spirit Animal | 11 el eleven stranger things photo | hawk + pearl

As you may have already heard or seen for yourself, Netflix’s new series Stranger Things has recently flipped the world upside down (pun intended). After finishing the first season, I found myself totally obsessed just like the rest of humanity.

One thing I consistently noticed while watching was how closely I related to Eleven, or El, on a spiritual level. And I think it’s safe to say that many others might feel the same way.

Here are 11 reasons why Eleven from Stranger Things is your spirit animal:


  1. She absolutely loves food.
eleven eating a burger gif tumblr hawk + pearl

Right off the bat, El finds her way into a restaurant and downs fries and burgers like it’s her job. We come to find out her appetite is literally insatiable throughout the entire show.


  1. She calls people names and doesn’t GAF at all.
eleven mouth breather gif stranger things hawk + pearl gif tumblr

She specifically calls everybody a “mouth breather” which might be my new fav insult.


  1. She actually doesn’t GAF… like ever.
eleven stranger things gif hawk + pearl

She doesn’t know how to play by the rules, and she straight up doesn’t care either. “Stay down here while I go to school so my parents don’t find you” — nah, El is going upstairs to watch TV and sit in the La-Z-Boy.


  1. That moment when she steals Eggo waffles from the supermarket.
eleven stealing waffles from supermarket stranger things hawk + pearl gif

Side note: Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that flawless execution…


  1. That even better moment when she’s alone in the woods, surrounded by all of her stolen Eggo boxes, stuffing her face with waffles.
eleven eating waffles in the woods stranger things hawk + pearl gif giphy

Although I haven’t actually done this before, I’ve never related to anything so hard in all my life.


  1. She stands up for her friends.
eleven fighting demagorgon and dr brenner hawk + pearl gif giphy

Breaking arms on cliffs, throwing people into walls, making government officials bleed out of their eyes, etc.


  1. Furthermore, she sacrifices her well-being for her friends.
eleven demagorgon goodbye mike gif

Even when faced head on with the Demagorgon, she takes her chances and fights on… and THAT is a true friend.


  1. She has anxiety.
eleven anxiety stranger things gif hawk + pearl

S a m e .


  1. She’s hesitant around, and maybe even afraid of, new people.
eleven anxiety stranger things

S A M E .


  1. She tells it like it is and calls people out on their shit.
eleven friends don't lie stranger things gif

“Friends don’t lie” is another new fav. Gonna use that one when I know my friends are lying straight to my face and I want to subtly let them know that I see right through their shit.


And last but not least…


  1. All she wants is love.
eleven stranger things hugging friends gif


Despite her rough past, it’s clear that all El really craves is love and a connection to other people. Honestly though, isn’t that what everybody ever truly wants anyway?


So it comes down to a love of food, loyalty to friends, anxiety, and the desire to be loved. Idk about you, but that sounds like my spirit animal to a T. All I know is that I’m impatiently waiting for Netflix to approve and release Stranger Things Season 2. Until then, I’ll just keep wishing Barb was alive and my friend IRL.


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