20 GIFs That Will Perfectly Sum Up Every Part Of Your Monday

20 GIFs That Will Perfectly Sum Up Every Part Of Your Monday | Monday GIFs | hawk + pearl

Happy Monday, errbody!


Here are 20 GIFs that will perfectly sum up every part of your Monday (specifically if you work Mondays):


When your morning alarm goes off 

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When you finally muster up the strength to get out of bed


When you take that first sip of coffee


When you start your morning commute


10 minutes into your morning commute


When you walk into the office


When you’re drowning in assignments mid-day and decide to have a third cup of coffee

PS: If anybody knows where I can find this mug, please let me know so I can buy it.


When you realize there’s only an hour left before you leave work for the day (but you still have so much work to do)


As soon as the clock strikes 5PM


When you start your evening commute


10 minutes into your evening commute


When you take that first step through your front door


And you get to relax for the first time all day


When you remember you still have to cook dinner, do laundry, go to the gym, feed your pets, prepare tomorrow’s lunch, and run all the errands you’ve been putting off for the past month


When you get in the shower after the day is done

Day Shower GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


That moment when the day comes to a close and it’s time to get into bed


The *sigh* when you set your morning alarms


When you swear you’re just going to sleep and NOT scroll through social media on your phone for an hour


When your eyes are too tired from looking at memes and unimportant tweets and Facebook statuses and you NEED to pass out


That moment when you finally close your eyes and get to dream about all of your big plans, goals, and fantasies that you’ll get around to fulfilling tomorrow… or this weekend… sometime… maybe.

…aaaaaaaaand repeat straight through to Thursday night.


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