The Bachelorette BFF Recap: Season 12 Episode 8

The Bachelorette BFF Recap Season 12 Episode 8 | hawk + pearl

I just want to start this off by apologizing for not writing a recap for episodes 6 or 7. I know I’ve let down all of my readers and fans (hi, mom), but if you read my recent blog post, you’ll know why I wasn’t around or feeling up to writing the past couple of weeks.

However, I was able to watch the show tonight. Although Shelby wasn’t able, one of my best friends Jackie (who I wrote about in this post) is making a guest appearance and will be sharing her opinions and predictions with me for our episode 8 recap.

Let’s do it:


It’s already that time for hometowns, and ABC made sure to successfully include enough drama to confuse the shit out of us!

Although Robby’s mom broke news that his ex’s roommate started a “rumor” saying he broke up with her to be on the show, all of the hometown dates went well. Chase finally opened up so much that he cried to his mom, Jordan continued to make JoJo melt as per usual, Robby’s family seemed really outgoing and friendly, and Luke brought the entire state of Texas to his backyard as a “welcome home, JoJo” kinda thing (which was actually rather awkward and overwhelming).

Fast forward to the rose ceremony…

We’re left off with JoJo saying she was going to say goodbye to Luke, but wait! Soon enough, Luke pulls her aside to tell her how madly in love with her he is. She walks off crying in her shiny blue gown, confused, upset, and unsure what to do, and the words “To be continued…” soon after bless millions of TV screens across America.


Overall Thoughts

Morgan: I love Chase, like Jordan, and don’t really like Robby or Luke. Chase’s family is super down-to-earth. JoJo dwelled WAY too much on the absence of Jordan’s brother Aaron which makes me think it’s either A) being overplayed by the producers or B) she’s into him to get in on his fame. I want to believe that Robby is over his ex, but the whole thing seems sketchy. Either he’s telling the truth and his ex’s roomie is trying to get her five seconds of fame or he’s a liar. And Luke… eh.

Jackie: (is amazing and contributed two full pages of content for tonight’s blog. Unfortunately had to trim it down for the length’s sake, but you da best, gf!)

On Chase’s hometown date: Thoughts every time I see Chase, I think to myself “You’re so sexy.” Chase tells JoJo that he’s falling in love with her in a way that would make any girl’s heart melt. While he’s falling in love with JoJo, we’re falling in love with him.

On Jordan’s hometown date: We find out that Jordan is the “spicy” child according to his stepford mom because he was a runaway child? Also, why was JoJo so excited to see a deer? I’m confused.

On Robby’s hometown date: We find that JoJo not only questions Jordan but Robby as well. Earth to your intuition, JoJo! It’s time to listen to it. And who else was shocked when she told his mom that she’s falling in love with him? Not Chase, not Jordan, but ROBBY? She caught me so off guard.

On Luke’s hometown date: How cute was Luke for having a surprise outdoor picnic with all his close family and friends to meet JoJo? For sure got my brownie points, but although ABC loves playing up the whole scene with lovely music and catching the sunset at all the right angles, I kind of was disappointed at the end of their date. PS: Did anyone else notice JoJo’s southern accent getting thicker? 



Morgan: Unfortunately, I think Chase will be going home next. I still believe Jordan is going to win… she just lights up wayyyyyy too much whenever she’s around him or talking about him.

Jackie: Since we were hit with the “to be continued” this week, I think two guys will go home next week. Luke will still go home even after the breakdown that JoJo had, and, yes, she’ll probably regret it, but who wouldn’t (PS: did you see how intense that make out sesh was?). Later in the episode, Robby will go home because she’s still skeptical of the weirdness going on with his ex, which leaves Chase and Jordan. If Jordan wins, he’ll be happy for a bit then get over it. If Chase wins, it will be real. Let’s admit, we all think Jordan is going to win JoJo’s heart. I do have to say though she has a four pretty decent men… but #TeamChase.


And that’s it for episode 8! Thanks Jac for your amazing contribution to tonight’s blog. This week airs a two-night special, but I unfortunately won’t be able to watch tomorrow. Shelby may or may not post her own recap, so stay tuned in case she does (UPDATE: I misheard and thought the two-night special was this week when it’s actually next week).

In any event, thanks for reading and we’ll catch you next week!


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