The Bachelorette BFF Recap: Season 12 Episode 9

The Bachelorette BFF Recap Season 12 Episode 9 hawk + pearl

Okay. Tonight’s episode was super emotional. In case you didn’t watch, this is an accurate representation of some typical reactions from the show:

The Bachelorette Recap Reactions Episode 9 Season 12 hawk + pearl 2The Bachelorette Recap Reactions Episode 9 Season 12 hawk + pearl 2

So since I’m on my own with the recap tonight, it’s gonna be short and sweet. Let’s get right into it.


Luke went home, and his sendoff was absolutely heartbreaking. JoJo said, “I’m going to miss you,” and Luke replied with “I miss you already.” WAH!

Three one-on-one dates and an hour and change later, JoJo extended the Fantasy Suite to all three guys — Robbie, Jordan, and Chase — but she sent Chase home shortly after their arrival to the room. To be more specific, JoJo sent Chase home immediately after he opened up telling her how much he loves her. WAH X 2!

Chase left pissed off, heartbroken, and guarded. He came back during the final rose ceremony and apologized (likely landing him the spot as next season’s The Bachelor). JoJo gave the final two roses to Jordan and Robbie.

The end.


Overall Thoughts

This episode was really sad. As if I haven’t said it 37 times before in previous recaps, I love Chase, so seeing him upset and throw his guard right back up after he let it down hurt to watch. It also hurt my mom (she and I watch the show together), Shelby, and Jackie, and probably all other Bachelorette watchers worldwide.

I can’t imagine being in JoJo’s shoes, not because I can’t even find one guy to date, but because dating multiple guys simultaneously and falling for all of them must be even more difficult (although finding a boyfriend honestly seems equally as difficult at this point. **ABC, recruit me for The Bachelor please**).

PS: I wonder what JoJo’s parents thought when they watched tonight’s episode. Ya daughter had “overnight dates” with two — almost three — guys in one week… on national television. Lol.



I think JoJo is crazy about both Jordan and Robbie, but I just have a feeling she’s going to pick Jordan. I have from the start. I’m going to listen to my gut and stick with my instinct. Jordan wins the final rose.

…..still #TeamChase tho.


Das it.


Tomorrow airs a “Bachelor Tells All” or whatever it’s called special, and the final episode of The Bachelorette Season 12 is on next Monday.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back in to hawk + pearl for the final rose recap next week.



ABC’s next Bachelorette in her dreams A.K.A. Morgan



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  1. Jackie

    Obsessed. I can’t believe Chase is gone 😕 but hopefully back as the next bachelor 😍 Also ABC, recruit Morgan! #TeamChase #TeamMorgan #TeamMorganAndChase

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