Today officially marks one year since I launched hawk + pearl. ONE WHOLE YEAR. 365 DAYS. 52 WEEKS. 12 MONTHS. THIS BLOG HAS BEEN LIVE FOR THAT LONG. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?


When I started this project, I was sticking out the latter half of my two-weeks notice at a full-time job (which prompted me to write this post: The “American Dream” Is Not A Dream At All). I was pretty confused about my future but I was good — and I was super excited to finally start this blog and have a home for my personal writing once and for all.  


Over the past 365 days, I’ve learned so much about writing and the power of connecting with others through words. I’ve also learned a lot about myself and have grown both mentally and emotionally in the process. It’s so wild to re-read old posts and re-experience moments of happiness and heartache and analyze how I’ve chosen to convey my feelings during those times through what I’ve written. Whether through writing or photography or whatever best suits you, I highly recommend finding a way to document your own thoughts and experiences… it’s actually really awesome. 


I could go on and on about how time goes so incredibly fast and blahblahblah, but I’ll spare you. Reflecting on this past year, here’s what I feel is most important to say:


To every single one of you who have ever read a post of mine, and to those of you who have made it a point to come up to me in person or text me or write to me and say you love my blog and read every post… from the bottom of my heart, and with my whole heart, THANK YOU! Your feedback is what motivates me to continue writing and keep this thing going (although I don’t publish nearly enough as I’d like to). I appreciate you beyond what any words or blog post could ever express.


So cheers to another year of experiences that inspires content that enables us to connect a little bit better. Cheers to supporting each other’s creativity and decisions to pursue what we love. Cheers to endless possibilities and awesome opportunities. Cheers to a happy, healthy, and successful future. Cheers, and with so much love, thank you again.





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Morgan Mandriota is a freelance sex, health, and wellness writer and the creator of hawkandpearl.com and highlyuntamed.com. You can read her content on Betches, BuzzFeed, Thought Catalog, and a bunch of other places on the internet. When she isn't writing, Morgan loves traveling, hiking, eating tacos, and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere else @morganmandriota.


  1. Michael T Mandriota

    Morgan, You Always secured a unique outlook , whether through Pictures or the Queens English. You have a passion for these and many more topics in this life!!! Happy Hawkandpearl.com Birthday!!!! I wish You and Your Adventures, Many, Many more Birthdays ahead, Love Always, Dad. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  2. Nancy Burn

    All the best as you celebrate your first anniversary of sparking creativity and getting the job done! Keep up your smooth concise style of putting life into words.

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