33 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Set And Keep

33 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Set & Keep | hawk + pearl

It’s almost time for those “new year, new me!” social media posts, amirite?!


Rather than being one of those people who brag about how they’re going to drastically change then end up stuck in the same exact spot (or worse) come year-end, it’s time to start thinking about goals you really can achieve and things you really can do to live a better life this upcoming year.




From managing your finances and improving your health to living a more positive lifestyle and building better relationships, here are 33 New Year’s resolutions you can actually set and keep in 2019:



33 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Set And Keep | Finances | hawk + pearl

1. Start managing and tracking your money.

On January 1, 2016, I started tracking every single dollar I spent, earned, and saved in a self-created spreadsheet. Call me psychotic (it’s fine, I do it all the time), but I highly recommend everybody does this to get a better handle on where their money comes and goes.

2. Check your credit card statements before paying every month.

3. Pay any outstanding bills that have been weighing heavy on your mind (and start paying your bills on time).

4. Don’t spend more than you can afford.

5. Earn more money by selling things or starting a freelance gig.

6. Save more money, even if it’s $1 a day.



Healthy New Year's Resolutions | hawk + pearl

7. Cook at least one meal a day.

8. Stop eating as much fast food (or, better yet, completely stop eating it).

9. Eat more fruit and vegetables.

10. Drink more water.

11. Exercise more often.

…AKA the classic NYE resolution. If you hate the gym (like me!), sign up for classes somewhere else, or buy a bike, or go for walks, or do sit-ups on your bedroom floor. Just do something to get more active.



Lifestyle New Year's Resolutions | hawk + pearl

12. Take an online course to learn something new.

Learn a new language or a new skill (try using Babbel, Lynda, etc.).

13. Extend your vocabulary by learning a new word every day.

14. Cut back on the amount of time you’re on your phone.

15. Cut back on the amount of time you’re on social media.

16. Start fact checking things before automatically sharing them on social media.

17. Spend more time in nature, even if it’s going on a walk or bike ride around your block once a week.

18. Use your manners more often.

Say “please” and “thank you.” Stop interrupting people when they’re talking. Hold doors open for people. Smile at strangers. Life is better when you’re nicer.

19. Practice gratitude more frequently.

Even a simple “thank you” out loud before you go to bed or once you wake up in the morning.

20. Declutter your room, apartment, or house.

Hold onto the things that matter most and have meaning to you, and let go of the rest.

21. Improve your wardrobe.

Donate, sell, or give away any clothes that are outdated, old, don’t fit you anymore, or have been sitting in your closet since you bought them. Then go buy a new pair of socks, a couple of basics, a pair of pants or two, and some new tops. New clothes make you feel like a brand new person.

22. Travel more often, even if it’s twice a year.

23. Make those doctor’s appointments you’ve been putting off for god knows how long.

24. Use a calendar to remember upcoming events, bills, and things you need to take care of.

25. Take up a new hobby, or find a way to be more creative and artistic.

26. Stop being late (to work, school, plans, anywhere, everywhere).

27. Stop bottling things up, even if it’s through journaling or writing your dreams, thoughts, or stresses to get it out of your mind.



Relationships New Year's Resolutions | hawk + pearl

28. Stop wasting your energy on people who don’t care or treat you poorly.

29. Let go of grudges and forgive… even if the person you forgive is yourself.

30. Express your love for the people in your life who you cherish more often.

31. Spend more time with the people whose company you enjoy most.

32. Start communicating better.

Say how you feel, and don’t be afraid to do it either. Best said by “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” (S/O whoever came up with this quote — Dr. Suess or Bernard Baruch?)

33. Be more kind and loving to others, which will result in more kindness and love toward yourself.


In a study conducted by BodyNutrition.org, 500 people answered the question “What have been the biggest obstacles in making your fitness or wellness resolutions regular habits?” and the results are really interesting (and different for women vs. men). Almost 40% of men said work got in the way, whereas almost 35% of women said anxiety and depression was their biggest obstacle.


Biggest Obstacles In Making Resolutions Regular Habits - BodyNutrition.org hawk + pearl


Whatever the obstacles that are getting in the way of you reaching your goals may be, it’s time to assess how to overcome them and become the best NEW YOU you can be in 2019!


I hope you can find one thing from this list and try it out this year. If you do, let me know! Whatever you decide to set as your resolution, I hope you have a happy, healthy new year. 🙂


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