OWSLA Showcase: NYFW Edition feat. Secret Lineup @ House of Yes 9/8/2016

OWSLA showcase nyfw edition house of yes skrillex anna lunoe

Sitting in a restaurant with a friend I haven’t seen in years, drinking margaritas on a Wednesday night, he mentioned that there was an OWSLA showcase over in Brooklyn set to take place the following night.

Cool venue? Music we both love performed by surprise artists from one of our favorite labels? Just an hour away from home? We bought tickets without hesitation.

From 10pm-4am, the House of Yes was full of amazing music, stunning aerial acts, and genuinely awesome, interesting people all joining together for the love of artistry and good vibes.

The lineup was fantastic from start to finish, including phenomenal, bass-filled sets by two of my favorites, Anna Lunoe and Skrillex. PS: Anna dropped ‘Candy’ by Dillon Francis, and my heart exploded with happiness (she also liked my tweet shown below — shout out, GF).

We met a ton of really awesome people, including members of OWSLA, the founder of Vision District, DJ GRVDDI, and residents of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Overall, the OWSLA Showcase: NYFW Edition featuring a secret lineup did NOT disappoint. I walked out of the House of Yes exhausted and hungry but completely satisfied from a successful, enjoyable night. Can’t wait to go back to the venue again soon.

Thanks, OWSLA, for an amazing Thursday night!

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