People Are Freaking The F*ck Out Over Taco Bell’s New “The Belluminati” Commercial

People Are Freaking The F*ck Out Over Taco Bell’s New “The Belluminati” Commercial | hawk and pearl |

Okay, first things first… if you haven’t already heard, Taco Bell is going to start serving nacho fries. *YASSSSSSS*


After breaking the news to my coworkers, one of them mentioned how the Internet is currently freaking out over something else T-Bell related — and not in a good way.


So apparently Taco Bell released a (funny and clever) new commercial announcing their 20 new dollar-menu items while simultaneously mocking the Illuminati, calling themselves “The Belluminati.” The commercial contains blatantly obvious references to the Illuminati, the triangle, the number 20, the dollar bill, etc.



Whereas most people would be like “lol hey, that’s pretty clever” and then move on with their life (and immediately drive to their nearest Taco Bell location), you’d be surprised at just how many people are doing the exact opposite and are absolutely flipping the fuck out over this creative campaign. It’s been called “satanic,” “evil,” and “disgusting,” among other things, like “human sacrifices 1 beef chalupa at a time.”




Here are 19 intense comments made by people who are freaking the fuck out over this new Taco Bell commercial:


**NOTE: Although some of these comments are religious in nature, I am NOT condemning religion or anyone’s beliefs. I am, however, showcasing comments that stood out to me made by those who have openly expressed their “disgust” for this commercial and the brand, which perfectly capture just how enraged people are over this situation… like, it has literally escalated to an issue of conspiracy and a boycott of parent company Pepsi (when the message is a BLATANT parody of the Illuminati).



So, yeah… Taco Bell has definitely sparked an outrage. Anyways, if anyone needs me, you can find me at my local Taco Bell drive-thru line once it stops snowing and I can get out of my apartment. Until then, enjoy reading the comments on the YouTube video and tweets on Twitter. That’s what I’ll be doing.


What are your thoughts? Is this commercial clever or “terrifying”? Let me know in the comments below!

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