How Is It Possible To Balance Life, Work, And Play?

How Is It Possible To Balance Life, Work, And Play | hawk + pearl

I went out yesterday with a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in awhile, including some who asked how my blog is going. Although I regularly receive a nice flow of site traffic and positive feedback from readers, I found myself responding negatively to their question.


Technically, it’s going well, but the truth is that I’m slacking… hard. The truth is that I find myself too caught up to write on a regular basis anymore. It’s been almost two full months since I wrote and published something on here. Finding topics to write about isn’t even the problem. I have a million things floating around in my brain, but somehow I can’t bring myself to sit down and actually dedicate the time to getting it out of my head and onto this site to share with you guys.


That’s what brings me to write this post.


As time goes on, we accumulate an ever-growing list of things we’ve brushed off that should have been taken care of a long time ago. Days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and before we know it, we’ve procrastinated to the point of complete disregard.


Whether it’s a writing a blog or making a phone call or scheduling an appointment or making the time to see somebody or do something, we get so caught up in the everyday routine that an inconsiderate amount of time ends up passing by. It’s easy to say life gets in the way, which it sometimes does, but there must be a deeper reason that lies behind the excuses.


Why are we not making time for what we really want to or need to be doing? Why do we fall victim to the excuse of being “too busy” to get something done?


How do we balance life, work, and play?


How are we supposed to balance responsibilities with hobbies and a social life and everything else life throws our way without losing our minds or failing to do what we love? Is there a set way to accomplish this, a tip to use, or a simple rule to follow that helps make this possible?


Maybe we don’t prioritize things the way we need to, and our real priorities take the hit as a result. Maybe we work too hard then crash when we finally get down time, and wind up never getting around to doing the things we know we should.


In order to fix this, maybe all we need to do is sit down and figure out what and who is most important and deserving of our energy rather than coming up with faulty reasons as to why they don’t, then make sure they receive the proper amount of attention from that point forward. If we care about something or someone, we make the time, we put in the effort, and we get shit done — no excuses.


Maybe this isn’t a universal issue and I’m the only one struggling with this. Who knows? What I do know is that I have a really blessed life, and I’m grateful for everything and everyone in it. I’m especially thankful that my inability to publish a blog post every week is the driving cause of writing this article and not anything more serious. I just can’t help but wonder if it’s possible to easily balance life, work, and play while still being able to have time leftover at the end of the day.


Thanks for reading! If you relate to this post or not, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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