3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is The Perfect Career Path For Writers

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I’ve always been a writer by nature, but I’ve finally found a way to combine my love of writing with a new, innovative, rapidly growing, insanely interesting career field — content marketing!

After becoming the SEO & Creative Content Director, then eventually creating my own lifestyle and writing blog, I hope to pass some of my hard-earned gold nugget wisdom on to you, aspiring writers and marketers.


Here are three reasons why content marketing is the perfect career path for writers:


1. You are most likely already well-versed in the ability to write (and write well) on a variety of topics. 

In college, English majors are required to make the rounds in various different courses related to writing and literature. Each course would demand at least one to four papers per semester, ranging in size from one to ten pages per essay. As a result, we ultimately become experts in the art of translating, quite literally, anything into grammatically correct, beautifully worded content magic.

As a content marketer, whether you work as a freelancer or as a team player within a company, you will be writing about an expansive range of topics, including evergreen, trending, industry specific, and beyond. With overall writing skills, composing 250-to 500-word press releases, 800-word blogs, or successful newsletter content is more of an interesting challenge than an actual difficulty (plus, if you truly enjoy writing, these tasks will be *fun* rather than boring or draining).


2. Content and digital marketing is a rapidly growing, insanely popular, ever-increasing industry. 

Although digital marketing is a newer realm, don’t doubt its power!

Since the dawn of the Internet, traditional marketing venues like newspaper ads and TV commercials have taken a significant hit. Ranging from social media management to search engine optimization (SEO) to email marketing, the industry is expanding at mind blowing speeds.

It is a proven fact that people browse for companies, products, and services via smartphones and search engines more so than through newspapers or phone books. According to HubSpot, content marketing alone generates 3x as many leads as opposed to traditional outbound marketing tactics.

If you’re looking for job security in a constantly evolving yet fascinating and growing industry, it’s safe to say that careers within the digital marketing industry, like content marketing, are here to stay for a while.


3. Use your preexisting skills to make a difference in a brand’s bottom line.

What’s really cool about content marketing, IMHO, is that our job is to use our already existing skills in driving sales for businesses.

Why is that cool?

Because our skill in writing puts money in other people’s pockets. Our skill in writing promotes brand awareness and drives traffic to company websites and store locations to increase conversions and, ultimately, client revenue.

The coolest part?

We do this for a pay check. We do what we’re good at for a living — and THAT is something I see worth pursuing for a long time to come.


So, writers, what’s your future career goal? Have you considered or already landed in the content/digital marketing realm? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me at @MorganMandriota.

Thanks for reading hawk + pearl. Hope to see you back again soon!


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3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is The Perfect Career Path For Writers

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