SISU Aero NextGen Mouthguard Review

SISU Aero NextGen Mouthguard Review

I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu back in January, and I instantly became hooked (no pun intended). Since BJJ is a high contact, grappling-based sport, half the class always wears a mouthguard. I never really felt the need to wear one when drilling or rolling — until I got a knee to the face and my first busted lip.


Later that night, I asked around to find out which brand mouthguard is the best for BJJ. Gladiator, Impact, and SISU were the most common recommendations, but I went online to research for myself. I scoped out a bunch of different brands to see the benefits of each mouthguard, prices, reviews, and even checked out the /r/bjj subreddit to see what everyone else is using.


After hours of researching (and debating which color I should choose*), I purchased my very first SISU Aero NextGen mouthguard. Stuck between the new Awesome Aqua and Purple Punch, I went with the Purple Punch color to match my favorite black and purple gi.

Why I Chose The SISU Aero Nextgen Mouthguard

The SISU mouthguard sold me for a few different reasons.

  • It’s custom-moldable up to 20 times so it will perfectly fit your teeth and mouth
  • It’s affordable (I spent $24 including tax and free shipping on Amazon Prime)
  • SISU offers $35,000 in dental coverage should you experience any damage while wearing their product
  • It’s super-thin and doesn’t distort your mouth 
  • You can talk and pronounce Ss without lisping while wearing it
  • You can drink while wearing it
  • You can breathe while wearing it (breathing is always a big plus)
  • There were a ton of positive reviews online
  • The mouthguards are BPA, phthalate, latex, and PVC-free!


The Molding Process

Even though the instructions were easy to understand and complete, I’m a bit of a ditz so I had trouble molding the mouthguard. I heated up water in my tea kettle and poured it into a ceramic bowl about four times because I just couldn’t get it to become soft and pliable. It turns out you need to use REALLY hot -steaming hot- water (the instructions aren’t kidding)… then you can finally bend it over your teeth and mold it properly.


Overall, the process of molding the SISU mouthguard over my teeth was simple and only took a few minutes. Anyone who can read instructions should be able to complete the process with ease.


No Bad Chemicals!

I LOVE the fact that there are no bad chemicals in this product. I’m big on the organic, chemical-free lifestyle, so this was a huge plus for me. It comforting to know that the mouthguard I’m using three to four times a week isn’t releasing toxins into my body.


How Does It Fit?

Really well and very comfortable. It’s so tight-fitting (or just so well molded ;)) that it won’t come out unless I manually take it out. You can’t even tell I’m wearing a mouthguard until I open my mouth. My lips aren’t protruding or distorted when I’m wearing it, which is awesome. I don’t lisp when talking, I can drink water easily, and breathing isn’t an issue at all.


SISU Aero NextGen Mouthguard Review
Me pictured in BJJ class holding my SISU mouthguard before live rolling.


Final Thoughts

It’s been about three weeks now and I’ve been using my SISU mouthguard while rolling nonstop. It fits like a glove, I can drink, speak, breathe, drill, and roll in comfort. On my first day using it, I got kicked in my jaw and my mouthguard caught all of the force. Even though I had a bruised chin, my teeth were fully intact, so this mouthguard totally works. It feels good knowing my teeth are protected from unexpected knees and other accidental blows to the face (and if any damage was to happen, the peace of mind of $35,000 dental coverage is priceless). 


Overall, I can confidently say I love my SISU Aero NextGen mouthguard, and I highly recommend it to anyone who trains jiu-jitsu or any other similar-level contact sport. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon.


* Be careful when considering different colors because some are more expensive than others. For example, Intense Red is $19.90, Hot Pink is $22.25, and Charcoal Black is $24.97.


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