Start Your Spring Cleaning With These 10 Personal Wellness Products

Start Your Spring Cleaning With These 10 Personal Wellness Products

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, and the weather is warming up — it’s time to clear out the old and bring in the new to become a better you. Are you ready to start your spring cleaning?


And I’m not talking about dusting and vacuuming and packing up your things… I mean cleansing and upgrading your mind, body, and personal space to make you feel better ASAP and in the months to come.


Don’t worry! I already did the dirty work for you. I found and tried a bunch of different products and mobile apps to find the easiest way to organize your things, get into a better mental state, and declutter your home this spring. You’re welcome.


Here are the 10 best personal wellness products and apps to help you with your spring cleaning this season.


Organize Your Thoughts & Things


fitlosophy Grateful Heart Fitspiration Journal

fitlosophy Grateful Heart Fitspiration Journal 


Journaling (and writing in general) is super helpful for organizing your thoughts, feelings, goals, etc. The fitlosophy Grateful Heart Fitspiration Journal is perfect for doing all of the above.


Its pages are filled with fit tips, inspirational quotes, and writing prompts like “Today I am grateful for…” and “THIS INSPIRES ME” so you can jot down everything going on in your scatterbrain. See?


fitlosophy Grateful Heart Fitspiration Journal Inside Look


choose to be happy Daily To-Do Jotter

choose to be happy: daily to-do jotter


If that fitspiration journal intimidated you, then maybe an empty notepad is more your style. Fill in the blanks with whatever you want in the choose to be happy daily to-do jotter.


Use it to write down your list of groceries, things you have to buy, or which errands you have to run. It also serves a water tracker. Color in the little water drops on the bottom of the pages to track how many glasses of water you drank each day.


Boxy Girl Stackable Organizers

Boxy Girl Everything Stack & Double Stack Organizers


Declutter your vanity, desk, or dresser surfaces and save space by putting all of your things into stackable organizers. Boxy Girl stackables come in all shapes and sizes and are typically used for makeup and jewelry, but I have like five pieces of makeup and no jewelry, so I use the Everything Stack & Double Stack for my CBD product collection instead.


Boxy Girl Stackable Organizers



I also gifted a couple to my mom so she could clean up her makeup vanity, and she’s equally as obsessed.


Adero Smart Organization System Tags & App

Adero Smart Organization System


Have you ever wished there was something you could use to magically find the stuff you always lose? Same.


Well, Adero created it, and it’s a smart organization system that works via Bluetooth. If you’re like me and you lose your keys all the time, get your sh*t together and never lose them again with the Adero app and smart tags.


Cleanse Your Mind, Body, And Spirit


Meditation Studio App

Meditation Studio App


Clear your mind and get into a better headspace by meditating with the help of an app like Meditation Studio. I use a bunch of different meditation apps but this one offers a huge variety of collections and courses taught by world-renowned teachers that literally anyone can use to meditate for improved sleep, work, health, kindness, and happiness.




Way of Will Muscle Soak Bath Set

Way of Will Muscle Soak Bath Set


Relax, unwind, and refresh your body in preparation for spring with Way of Will’s natural bath soak set, complete with essential oils and Himalayan bath salts. It’s the perfect way to clean yourself after you clean your house.


Way of Will also makes a bunch of other natural cosmetic products like healthy deodorants and serums in case you want to swap out some of your old, unhealthy personal care items (the tea tree and pumpkin seed deodorant: A+).


Clean & Upgrade Your Space


Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser App

Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser App


Rich-fragranced candles are a thing of the past. There are so many healthier candle alternatives out there like beeswax, soy, and coconut wax candles — but those still might spark up your allergies, which is the LAST thing you want more of in the springtime.


Get rid of your toxic candles in exchange for a natural aromatherapy device like Moodo. Moodo is a smart home aroma diffuser that enables scent personalization and customization right from your phone. So cool, so modern, so good-smelling (such bad grammar).


Awair Glow App & Wall Plugin

Awair Glow Wall Plugin & App


Do you know how clean the air is in your home, apartment, or bedroom? No?! Well, it’s time for you to learn.


Get educated about the air you breathe in and out every day by monitoring it with the Awair Glow wall plugin and app. You get phone notifications whenever the air quality changes (which I’m obsessed with) like this:


Awair Glow App Phone Notifications


I never thought I’d be so pumped to know about the CO2 levels in my apartment.


PhoneSoap 3 Smartphone Sanitizer

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer


Do you know how many germs are on the very thing you touch every day all day long? Well, according to PhoneSoap’s website, a cell phone carries about 18x more bacteria than a public restroom. BARF.


SANITIZE THAT SH*T! Clean your phone with PhoneSoap 3’s phone cleansing case. Literally just pop it in the case and turn it on to kill the microorganisms breeding on your phone that wiping your screen on your shirt won’t clean off.


FitOn Fitness App

FitOn Fitness App


Throw out the dumbbells you never use that have been collecting dust in the corner of your room, and workout without equipment by using an app instead.


FitOn lets you exercise from home with your friends or by yourself with the help of world class fitness trainers. Choose from cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, yoga, and even prenatal workouts, and never pay for another gym membership or look at dusty dumbbells again.


The best part about all of these personal wellness products? You can use them to help you clean this spring then continue to use them all year long!


Good luck with your spring cleaning. Let me know how it goes in the comments below or on Instagram/Twitter @morganmandriota. 🙂


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Start Your Spring Cleaning With These 10 Personal Wellness Products


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