The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of Living Alone

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of Living Alone | What It's Like To Live Alone

Living alone is an absolutely incredible experience. It is one that I strongly believe everyone should have the opportunity to do at one point in their life. It’s wild how drastically different it is living on your own as compared to coexisting with other people, whether family or friends or a significant other.


What happens when you live alone? What’s so different? What’s so great about it? Is it awesome? Do you get lonely?


This is my shot at describing what it’s like to live by yourself — the best parts, the worst parts, the pros and cons, the things you do, and the things you realize along the way.


Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of living alone:


1. You can take your pants off whenever.

Sorry to start off on the no pants note… but it had to happen.

2. You can take your pants off wherever.

3. You’re able to invite absolutely anybody over at any time.

4. You don’t have to answer to anyone.

5. You cook at 2:30 in the morning.

6. And drink alone until 2:30 in the morning.

7. And Netflix and chill alone.

8. You bundle up on your couch in a blanket and sweats for hours.

9. You walk around naked. 

Being able to walk out of the shower completely naked for however long you want is unreal.

10. You make the rules.

11. You buy plants. 

…you feel responsible enough to buy and take care of plants! lol

12. You kill plants. 

I recently killed my bonsai plant by placing my space heater on HIGH directly next to it. Sorry, bud.


13. You get scared. 

It can be creepy living alone, especially at night or if you hear a weird sound.

14. You eat like absolute crap.

15. You somehow lose weight… then gain it right back.

16. You get to decorate and buy home decor exactly like you’ve always dreamed of doing.

17. You learn how much different it is to food shop for one person as opposed to 3-5 people.

18. You learn which foods you have to eat in what period of time to avoid them going bad.

19. You waste a lot of money on food that will go bad.

20. You buy and burn a shit ton of candles.

You’ll never have enough candles.

21. You (temporarily) brag.

“My apartment…” “I miss my apartment” “I lo0ove my apartment” “My landlord…”

22. You dress like an idiot.

Because who cares? No one’s going to see you.

23. You chill on the couch for an entire weekend because you can.

24. You hibernate. 

For days… like your friends will call you out on and be pissed at you for all your Snapchats of your TV from your couch.

25. You leave dishes in the sink.

26. You feel irrationally empowered taking out your own garbage.

27. Your place becomes the new go-to hang out spot with your friends.

28. When people come over, you want them to get the fuck out so you can be alone.

29. But you get sad when people leave. 

Really sad.

30. You get lonely. 

Really lonely.

31. You feel awesome. 

Really awesome.

32. You hate yourself for waiting as long as you did to move out on your own.

33. You feel like a boss paying rent every month.


…and sigh about how much money you’re throwing away instead of saving every month.

34. You quickly realize the value of money.

35. You feel adult and old.

36. You begin to cherish and enjoy your personal time and space.

37. You feel a sense of accomplishment.

38. You are truly proud of yourself.

39. You are independent.

40. You are free.

God, it feels good too.

41. You realize all of these things.

42. …then you remember you have to clean… and vacuum, wipe down windows and mirrors, do laundry, do towels, clean the shower… and the toilet.



What did you realize once you started living on your own? Did you start doing something you never did before? What’s your good, bad, and ugly of living alone? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Elaine Childs

    Great post. The very short time I lived completely alone, the only thing that scared me was at night. I watched too many scary movies in the past. The things that go “bump in the night.”

  2. Nancy Burn

    Sincere candor, realistic emotion! My parents sold the house I grew up in when I was 18 and I rented a room in my high school friend’s house. I moved in with my then boyfriend now husband, had kids, and still, have yet to live alone! No wonder why bathroom became my in girl woman cave!

  3. Jac

    Not quite living alone but I have a lot of the same feelz – expressing myself through decorating the way I want, hibernating on my couch watching New Girl all day, and being naked always (it’s always nippy up in here).

    Haven’t had much visitors yet … waiting ………………….. still … waiting …………

    But will def want to kick them out and then miss them soon after they leave.

    1. Post
  4. Jesse Long

    Living alone means living in peace and I wouldn’t quit living alone for any reason at all. If the place looks ugly, I’ll just turn out the light and turn up the rock and roll. Ain’t no way I’m gonna set up shop. I’m retired and lazy and I’m gonna stay retired and lazy. As long as there is as much plumbing as one shower and one toilet, that’s all the plumbing I need whether I pay rent or not and if I do pay rent, it will be no more than $200 a month or I look for another place to live.

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