Thoughtful Wellness Gifts For The Health-Conscious People In Your Life

Thoughtful Wellness Gifts For The Health-Conscious People In Your Life l hawk + pearl

It’s the holiday season! It’s time to spend the money we don’t have on gifts for people we don’t like.


Just kidding.


For real though, gift giving can be challenging especially when the person you’re giving a gift to is super into health and wellness shit and doesn’t want a toxic-fragranced candle or fur blanket that killed an innocent animal in the process.


Here are some thoughtful wellness gifts for the healthy people in your life:


Spa Gift Certificate


What better gift to give than the gift of relaxation? The holiday gods know we all need to chill the hell out once Christmas rolls around. Give your friend a gift certificate to a local spa. There are a ton of places that offer super cheap Groupon deals and are full of amazing amenities, like fresh juice bars, saunas, and infinity pools.


Shout out to SOJO in NYC with 7 floors of saunas, pools, and other healthy stuff (someone send me a gift card so I can detox and relax here in 2019, please and thank you).


Nail Salon Gift Certificate


Once again… relaxation. Hook your mom, sister, or best friend up with a trip to the nail salon. All ladies know that a mani-pedi is a treat, and it’s even better when it’s free! If you want to be the best Santa ever, give it to her before the holidays so she can be fresh in time for any parties she’s going to on the holiday itself. Look good, feel good, amirite?




No, I don’t mean actually give your friend a massage. A professional massage is the ultimate gift for any person in your life who has been stressing throughout the year. Got a special someone who won’t stop bitching about things lately? They probably have some knots in their shoulders or back that need to be worked out. Get (not give) them a massage.


Soy/Beeswax Candles


Everybody loves candles. If you say you don’t like candles, you’re lying. But the rich scented, highly fragranced candles are actually pretty unhealthy to breathe in. Opt for a more health-conscious, eco-friendlier beeswax, soy, or coconut oil candle instead. They smell just as good but won’t slowly kill your loved one.


Good Housekeeping shares a list of healthy candle options here.


Essential Oil Diffusers


If you’re known for giving candles to your friends, family members, and coworkers every year and you want to change it up, level up and gift an essential oil diffuser instead. They sell full-package deals online or at any home goods store. If you’d rather personalize it because you know that person loves lavender and clove oil, get them a diffuser and a couple of specific organic essential oils to go along with it.


Here are some of the best essential oil diffusers on the market to choose from according to Allure.




Plants and flowers are the absolute best gifts in my opinion. And you can never have too many. I have about 6 in my apartment right now, including a gigantic tree, and they all brighten the room, purify the air, and look really nice. If your friend doesn’t know how to take care of a plant if his or her life depended on it, give that person a succulent (which basically just needs some sunlight/the bare minimum to survive). Otherwise, gift an aloe plant, a bamboo plant, a cactus, a bouquet of flowers, or a single flower — to put in a vase or plant in the garden.


Sleep Tracker


Fitbit, Beautyrest, S+, and Beddit are just a few of the sleep trackers available. Some even sync with your Apple Watch. Get your insomniac friend who always texts you at 3AM a sleep tracker so she can figure out wtf is going on with her shitty sleep schedule and stop waking you up with memes every night.


Personal Massager


Foam rollers, vibrating wands, and foot massage balls, oh my! Do you have a friend who works out all the time and complains about how broken they are? Fix your friend by getting him or her a personal massager. They’ll thank you later.


Here’s a list of the best personal massagers from Best Women’s Workouts.


Fitness Streaming Service


And I don’t mean Netflix. For under $40, gift your friend a membership to an awesome workout streaming service like CorePower Yoga, Peloton Digital, ALO Moves, or MNDFL Video. If you have a ton of extra cash to spend this holiday season (or you’re down to get on a payment plan to help pay for someone’s gift), get them an interactive fitness MIRROR for a little over $1,000.


I’d be stoked if someone got me any of these things. Just saying… @ all my friends and family members reading this.


Happy holidays!


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Thoughtful Wellness Gifts For The Health-Conscious People In Your Life

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