7 Ways To Find New Music You’ll Actually Like On Spotify

7 Ways To Find New Music You’ll Actually Like On Spotify hawkandpearl.com

If you’re anything like me, you listen to new songs on repeat and ultimately end up hating them within four days because you’ve overplayed them to death. Fortunately, there are easy ways to find new music you’ll like if you have a Spotify account that you’ve been using for some time:


1. New Music Friday Playlist

New Music Friday Playlist On Spotify
New Music Friday playlist on Spotify

New Music Friday is the easiest way to stay up-to-date on the newest releases from the most popular artists. If you enjoy listening to the radio and you follow mainstream bands and singers, then you should start following this playlist.


It usually pops up on the homepage feed every Friday, but if you press the FOLLOW button, then it’ll stay listed on your left sidebar under PLAYLISTS for easy access Saturday-Thursday.


2. Release Radar Playlist

Release Radar Playlist On Spotify
“Never miss a new release! Catch all the latest music from artists you care about, plus new singles picked just for you. Updates every Friday.” Source: Playlist description.

If you want to keep current on releases from your favorites, Spotify presents a brand new Release Radar playlist every Friday specifically based on the artists and songs you regularly listen to. This playlist is curated with new music that Spotify predicts you’ll enjoy based on your listening behavior, including songs from artists you already follow and those you don’t.


My Release Radar playlist is on point 99% of the time. Most of the artists I usually listen to are always on there, along with some who I don’t — and those artists are very similar in genre and style to those I do know.


3. Discover Weekly

Discover Weekly Playlist On Spotify
“Your weekly mixtape of fresh music. Enjoy new discoveries and deep cuts chosen just for you. Updated every Monday, so save your favorites!” Source: Playlist description.

Discover Weekly is where I find most of my new music. Fully customized according to the songs, artists, and genres you listen to most often, this playlist presents 30 songs tailored to what you might like based on what you already like.


The playlist is mostly composed of artists who you may be unfamiliar with, plus a couple of songs from those you know that you may not have heard yet. I tend to skip a lot of songs on this list, but on the flip side, I’ve also discovered so many of my favorite jams.


4. Recommended Songs

Recommended Songs Section On Spotify
“Based on the songs in this playlist”

Scroll all the way to the bottom of playlists you’ve created to discover a “Recommended” section which features a bunch of similar songs to the ones you’ve previously added.


For example, I made a “Bops” playlist full of oldies, and at the end is the list shown above. Clicking the ADD button will add the song directly to the end of your playlist. As you accept Spotify’s recommendations and add new songs, more will appear for review.


Don’t like any of the suggestions? Press REFRESH to load a whole new batch of related songs.


5. Use The Search Bar

Search Bar Feature On Spotify
Search Bar feature on Spotify

Another way to find music you might like is by searching for the type of music you’re looking for in the search bar.


For example, I typed in “The Japanese House” into my search bar, and this is what appeared:


Using The Search Bar On Spotify, The Japanese House Music


Within seconds, I was presented with albums, songs, and playlists by and including The Japanese House.


You can also type in movie soundtracks to find personally curated playlists made by fans/Spotify users. Personally, I feel that the Drive soundtrack is one of the best movie soundtracks of all time (shout out to Netflix’s The End Of The F***ing World soundtrack for giving Drive’s a run for its money though). A simple search for “drive soundtrack” showed a bunch of related queries, one of which included this:


Drive Movie Soundtrack On Spotify
Drive movie soundtrack playlist on Spotify

Score! I’m pretty sure the songs are in order of playing sequence too.


6. Check Out What Your Friends Are Listening To

Friend Activity Feature On Spotify
Spotify’s Friend Activity feature is located on the righthand side.

*Public apology to my friends whose spots I’m blowing up right now by sharing this photo.


Do you have certain friends who have great taste in music? Do you always designate them to play DJ during a party or pass them the aux cord when you’re in the car together?


If so, follow them on Spotify!


Check out their public playlists and recently played artists. Level up your creeping skills and increase the width of your web player widget (desktop only) to see “Friend Activity” which shows what your friends are currently listening to. If the little megaphone icon is moving, they’re listening to that song right that very second.


Want to find and follow your friends? Click the FIND FRIENDS button and start following your Facebook friends.


Super creepy yet super effective.


7. Create A Radio Station

Radio Stations & Recommended Stations On Spotify
Radio Stations and Recommended Stations on Spotify

Click on Radio or Stations on your sidebar to create a new artist or song radio station. Radio is at the top of the left sidebar under Browse, and Stations is under Your Library directly below Artists.


You can create Song, Artist, or Album Radio stations based on songs, artists, or albums you like. There are also preset Genre Stations, including all the genres you could ever imagine like Blues, Comedy, Gospel, ‘60s, Indie, etc.


See a few of my recommended stations here:


Recommended Artist Radio Stations On Spotify
Recommended Artist Radio stations on Spotify


For example, if I wanted to listen to songs that are similar to The Sunshine Brothers’ “In Your Dreams” (which I do because the song rules), I’d create this Song Radio station. As you can see, there are a ton of related songs, some of which I’ve added to my library because I liked them so much.


The Sunshine Brothers- In Your Dreams Song Radio On Spotify


These are just a few ways to find new music on Spotify that I think work well. Give one or all of them a try and see if you can find new songs, artists, and albums to jam to!


Follow me on Spotify if you want to check out my super cool playlists: https://open.spotify.com/user/12169225828?si=V0U1sCTBTUinpq9-nH01FA


Thanks for reading! Did I miss anything? How do you usually find new music? Do you like Spotify? Let me know in the comments below.


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